Why are cottage villages so much popular?

A suburban life attracts so many citizens. This is fresh air, and the lack of noise, and, of course, marvelous nature. The modern cottage village has a huge number of features, which provides favorable conditions for living. Experienced realtors note that today the demand for real estate located in such areas is very large.

A few words about security

This is the first thing to pay attention to. As a rule, cottage villages will either be covered with a fence, or constantly patrolled by qualified guards. For additional reliability, various systems are installed, namely:

tracking chambers;

motion sensors;

barriers and so on.

Often such villages are equipped with a single warning system. This feature allows you to instantly respond to emergency situations.

Infrastructure review

Cottage villages differ from standard summer cottages in that they are often equipped with objects of municipal value. We are talking about schools, kindergartens and medical centers.

In addition, retail outlets, as well as sports complexes and beauty salons, are provided. There are also specialized services with electricians, gases and plumbers.

The cost of land in such villages can be slightly overstated, but this is completely due to all the above features. In addition, companies have now appeared that can offer lending on favorable terms. As a result, cottages became much more accessible.

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