Why are we more sympathetic to animals than people

Most of us probably thought why we are more sympathetic to animals than people? Sometimes you watch the news, and they talk about a man who brutally dealt with a pensioner. You sit and think: “Well, you have!”, And then calmly switch the channel, almost instantly forgetting about this misfortune. It seems to be a civilized society, but we can’t occupy cruelty! The whole day on TV is spinning either pictures of murders, then terrorist attacks, then thefts, and there seems to be nothing to surprise us! But it is worth showing us some small offended lump of wool, who is afraid to look at the journalist because of the tragedy that happened to him through the fault of man, then even his heart douses with blood-sorry for the poor man… And immediately on the mind there are bad words addressed towards the flayer, which, it seems, will not even be caught for what he did with this unfortunate animal. And then you remember about a pensioner and think, but you yourself are not a flayer, if you are more sorry for the dog than a person? Let’s figure out why this happens and whether it is normal.

Why are we more sympathetic to animals than people

Bostonian scientists conducted an experiment in which more than 230 people of different ages took part. They were offered to read a newspaper in which four articles were printed. Two of these articles contained information about the beating of a small child and an adult, the other two talked about brutal violence against a puppy and an adult dog. After the participants in the experiment read the newspaper, the researchers asked them who was sorry for them? Summarized voices showed that most people were sorry for the child, then a puppy, a dog and, finally, an adult. This proved that our sympathy, first of all, extends to those who are younger due to their helplessness.

Children are small creatures that need help, care, our support and love. They still do not know much about the world around them, therefore they are perceived by people as innocent creatures who do not even fully understand what they do and for what they are still too helpless. If someone encroaches on their well-being, then not only this tiny creature does not even fully realize the approaching threat, so it will not be able to protect itself, at least somehow. It does not resemble anyone? Yes, animals are similar to children who do not know anything about this world and rely in everything exclusively on their survival instincts.

In addition, people are really very cruel. They direct their aggressiveness to their relatives – people like themselves. True, watching through the media what these people do, sometimes you already doubt that they really belong to the human race. In nature, there are practically no animals that would kill individuals of their species. That is why, when we see how our human family throws up dogs on the street, which do not even realize why the owner did not make them like, or how brutally people for the sake of fun mocking innocent helpless creatures that cannot answer them or give change, We feel regret and even guilt.

Why are we more sympathetic to animals than people

It seems that we, the smartest creatures of this planet, must understand that it is we who are responsible for all those who cannot independently take care of themselves. We must eliminate all threats, protect our smaller brothers, but how to do this if we are not able to protect even our own relatives?

Laws adopted by law, which provide for punishment for cruelty to animals, are violated by state organizations themselves. About four thousand gorillas and the same chimpanzees dies per year, on which various experiments are performed every day. People sacrifice about three thousand cats per year to test various cosmetics on them. What is surprising is that then many avid catsetes buy and use this product and use it … In the year, flayers (according to statistics, most of them are adolescents) intend to mock two thousand stray animals.

Seeing the suffering that other people cause animals, we are afraid of the cruelty that the human race is capable of the helpless and needing creatures.

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