Why do men do not recognize their mistakes

Men often do not recognize their mistakes, and even when the truth is already obvious, they continue to stand their own and prove that he is right. The woman at that moment is not just annoyed, she literally loses her temper. It is difficult for her to understand why her man cannot admit his mistake and confirm that in some matter or dispute he was really wrong. And the point here is not at all that a man specially strives to bring his chosen one to hysteria. Just most men rarely recognize their mistakes, they simply do not know how to do it.

Why do men do not recognize their mistakes

In order to start it is easier to relate to such situations, it is necessary to understand why it is difficult for a man to recognize his own mistakes.


Most men by nature of their leaders. Every man strives to be at least in something first. It can be a career, sport, fishing, and so on. He constantly fights in the first place, believing that this is what determines how successful a person. He sincerely believes that the leader simply cannot be wrong. He believes that he looks like an authority in the eyes of others. And you can undermine this very authority not only in the eyes of others, but also in his own eyes.

An adult child

Sometimes the reasons for the unwillingness to recognize your mistake come from childhood. Perhaps when he was small, he was scolded for all his mistakes and misses. And now, when he has already become an adult man, he is still afraid in childhood that they will scold him, that is, he is afraid of punishment.

Why do men do not recognize their mistakes

Therefore, he prefers to prove to the last that he is right. In addition, in childhood, when his parents constantly pointed to his mistakes, his self -confidence shaken shake. And now, having matured, he strives to increase self -confidence by any means to prove that his opinion is the only correct. But on the other hand, if in childhood they did not indicate his mistakes and always said that he was in all rights and now he considers it exactly the same and it is almost impossible to prove to him the opposite.


Other owls he wants to become a superman for you. But he always does everything right. Superman simply cannot be wrong, he is perfect in everything. In addition, a man reads that if he admits at least once that he was wrong, then the woman will then recall this case to him and reproach him with this case. Therefore, a man prefers until the last to stand on his.

Fear to seem weak

Many men are convinced that the ability to admit their wrong and apologize for this is nothing more than a manifestation of weakness. But a man simply cannot show himself weak. After all, they are all by nature leaders, heads of families, strong. Some believe that the realization that it is not a weakness to admit guilt, but on the contrary, even power comes to a man with age. The older and older a man, the more likely he can recognize a mistake. But young men prefer to adhere to only their point of view and not listen to any other.

Why do men do not recognize their mistakes

In fact, as women believe that men simply cannot admit their mistakes, just as men think in the same way, but only in relation to women. Women and men differ in this only the reasons why they can be stubborn and not recognize mistakes. The rest of the person does not matter. Women, like men, at times can stand up to the last and not give up for a second if only to provide their rightness. Realizing the reasons why your man often does not want to admit his mistakes, you will become easier to treat the situations and understand that he does not want to hurt you at all or to angry you. Just differently he doesn’t succeed.

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