Why did he run away or 5 forbidden topics on a date

They shot their eyes a couple of times, smiled sweetly, exchanged telephone, and he appointed the first date. A couple of sleepless nights, nervous shopping, beauty salon, a delightful hairstyle and everything – the princess is ready for the ball. And everything, the miracle happened – the man is struck by the beauty, mind and sociability of the girl. Galant Cavalier led you home and promised to call.

A day has passed, another, a week, a month, but you never waited a call. I wonder why? The answer is simple, it is not a matter of appearance, but a damned language, the enemy of the people, who without bones chatting without a bone about what the current gentleman is beautiful, not like the former, that the boss at work took overhaul and many other things. So, the girl simply scared a person with unnecessary conversations, and, more precisely, 5 forbidden topics on the first date:

Not a word about former men

If a woman begins to talk about the former incessantly, a person at a subconscious level will form an opinion that, perhaps, you will also speak negatively at any opportunity, and even unfamiliar people!

Why did he run away or 5 forbidden topics on a date

In addition, you should not give a reason to a man to reflect on your shortcomings. He will automatically begin to think about why you quit the previous one, at what stage of the relationship you stopped and many other unnecessary.

Leave the job

At least on the first date you do not need to stutter about what a successful woman you are, you have a high salary and brilliant prospects.

Firstly, men do not like when a woman earns more than he.

Secondly, you can attract a swindler.

Thirdly, no one loves boasting.

Not a word about children and marriage

So that the man does not escape after the first date, you need to at least temporarily leave the topic of children and marriage. It is only in fairy tales that the prince falls in love with the girl at first sight and offers her hand and heart.

Why did he run away or 5 forbidden topics on a date

In fact, a man will have to “pickle” for more than one month!

Cosmetics, overweight, clothes ..

And further, and further, in general, all female conversations are not interested in men. You can briefly mention this and all! Men have eyes, he can already see what a well -groomed and elegant woman you are actually.


Although the way to the heart of a man lies through the stomach, in fact they are not at all interested in listening to what recipe you have prepared a chop if he is not a cook! And in other cases, it is better to actually show your art than 2 hours to talk about culinary masterpieces.

Why did he run away or 5 forbidden topics on a date

Perhaps this is all, but it is worth remembering that there are unique cases when a man is very interesting to listen to the almond oil moisturizes the skin and what is the secret to cook lush muffins!

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