Why is he not ready to marry

You have been with your man for a long time. He loves you and everything is fine in your relationship. You probably survived more than one quarrel and your relationship from this became only stronger. However, this does not mean that your man is ready to make you an offer. Recent studies show that many men are now not at all mixed to make their chosen ones an offer. And of course they have reasons for this. The main reasons because of which the man is not ready to make an offer, two.

Why is he not ready to marry

The first reason is associated with a career and a man’s income. Of course, he wants to keep his family himself and be realized in life. In other words, a man first wants to build a career to take a good place in life, achieve stability in material terms and only then start a family. He wants you to have everything in your family, and you do not need anything. The purpose that a man pursues also is important. That is, the more complicated he set himself the task, the longer he will achieve it. The more difficult the climb up the career ladder, the longer it will go.

The second reason is that you already live together, that is, a civil marriage. Civil marriage in principle does not differ from ordinary marriage, only it is not officially registered. Otherwise, everything is the same. You sleep in the same bed, you have a joint budget, you are responsible for the household, and it is for material security and so on. In this case, a man simply does not understand why you need a stamp in a passport, if you already live as a husband and wife.

If you still dream of a sentence, a wedding and a legal marriage, then just talk to your man. Ask him how he sees your relationship in the future, does he think about children, how soon he plans them. Try to explain to him that marriage is not only the general budget and bed, it is also a willingness to bear responsibility for each other and for your children. Of course you will not immediately receive an offer from him. But you will bring him to the thoughts you need, and most likely he will seriously think about this issue.

Why is he not ready to marry

However, this is not a guarantee that you still get a treasured ring from him. And all because there are such categories of men who, regardless of circumstances, are difficult to make a decision and make an offer. And all because they are simply not ready to marry.

Most of the weekend do not spend together. You have practically no common interests, friends and acquaintances. Of course, it happens that people are completely different and not similar to each other begin to meet. However, in such a relationship, sooner or later the moment should come when you cease to associate your affairs and actions only with yourself and begin to think about your loved one. If this has not yet happened in your relationship, this suggests that your chosen one is not yet ready for marriage.

Acquaintance with parents is an integral stage in building a serious relationship. And sooner or later it should happen. Of course, not all men, getting acquainted with the parents of the girl, feel comfortable. However, they are ready to sacrifice their comfortable condition for the sake of their beloved girl and a joint future. But if he doesn’t even want to hear about getting to know your parents, this says that he is not yet ready for such a serious relationship.

Look at his friends. If most of them are convinced bachelors, then most likely your man supports their views on marriage.

Why is he not ready to marry

Ask him how he sees himself in five years. If he sees himself as the head of the family, a successful man in his career, and so on he means serious intentions and he is ready for his family. If he does not know what he sees himself, this indicates that he does not think about the future and is not ready for something serious yet.

If you notice a resemblance to your man, at least in one point this is not a reason to be upset and think that a proposal from this man can not be expected. This is not at all. All these points only say that a man is not ready for marriage right now. Remember that a person can change his opinion on life or circumstances. Perhaps he just needs more time to become more serious and come to the fact that he is ready for marriage. No need to put pressure on it and roll scandals. You will only make it worse. Be patient.

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