Why do affirmations do not work

Affirmations, this is a certain set of repeated phrases that can create a new program in the subconscious, getting rid of many problems at the physical or psychological level.

Affirmations began to be used for a long time, many books have been written about how to correctly prescribe texts, how to use affirmations in everyday life. But there are very few real examples of working affirmations and often the authors hide that in order to change the situation, it is not enough to say or write certain words or phrases. Behind all this there is a long work on himself and if a person thinks that he will now write a couple of beautiful phrases, create a thought -image and begin to repeat the same thing every day, then after a while, by magic, life will change, and he will receive everything that is all that is that everything that is Wishes.

Positive statements, it is wonderful and of course everyone would like to change the world with the help of ordinary phrases repeated daily. Once Louise Hay, and her famous books, became so popular that the majority believed that they were given a magic wand. It is enough to study the theory and everything will be exactly as it is written.

Why do affirmations do not work

In fact, affirmation will help change life if there is a space for a new. Everything is very simple if the vessel is filled with liquid, it is impossible to add something there, you need to cast a liquid. And with thoughts, images, affirmations, something similar. In order for a new one to appear in life, you must first get rid of the old and unnecessary, but this is much more difficult to do. It is important to understand that one phrases written on paper can not be bypassed.

The next error that occurs when forming a new thought is a desire to change others, but not yourself, so the result will be zero. Even if you repeat the phrases a million times: “I want a man to become attentive,” or “I want the money to love me,” or “I want to find a new job to me” and much more. All this is said and thought about yourself. First of all, it is necessary to remember once and for all that you can only change yourself, and the responsibility for actions also lies only on yourself. This is where the “underwater stones” begin, because most people prefer to change others and require these changes from them, and when nothing happens, they begin to use other methods, one of which is registered affirmations.

Why do affirmations do not work

In order for life to change as you want, you need to direct your attention to yourself. The next step will be a change in thoughts. “What am I doing wrong?””. “Why do various situations arise in my life that do not satisfy me?””. When a person begins to realize the reasons, it becomes easier to change something. When attention is aimed at itself, affirmations may not need at all, although they can help. In all other cases, affirmations will not work. It is impossible to mentally eat candy, or drink coffee, of course, if a person is especially sensitive, he can feel the taste of coffee or sweets in his mouth, but in fact it will only be an illusion of obtaining what I wanted so much.

Affirmations help if a person moves towards the implementation of the plan, changes himself, and not others or the world in which he lives. It is then, as an additional tool, you can use texts that create a positive attitude inside a person, form a new vision of the situation, make it possible to become more confident that everything that happens is really necessary and important. In all other cases there will only be disappointment, because the miracle did not happen.

Why do affirmations do not work

Our subconscious mind retains all the information received throughout life and uses it when it is necessary, thereby helping, prompting, protecting a person from unnecessary actions. In order for our subconscious to accept the new “program” must clearly see and realize that what I would like to get is really important and that something happens, you need to change your attitude to events, become worthy to accept new.

After accepting a new one, you can start pronouncing and prescribing phrases that will consolidate your intention in the subconscious. Affirmations will help exactly when your subconscious “recognizes” a new program and “sees” that you are really worthy, get what you want and are sure of this.

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