Why should not save on cutting circles for ushm?

Corner grinding machine is an extremely useful tool in the workshop of any man. With its help, you can do a huge amount of different work, in which you need to saw off, cut off or process something. Often, the first thing that is obsolete in this device is a cut circle 400. The question arises: how to extend the service life of this part without harm to the device itself? There is only one answer – stop chasing the high cost!

What identified tests?

Thin cutting circles with a thickness of 1 to 1.2 mm steel are the most sold out of all. It is easier and faster to cut the material, but they also grind is also not so slowly. Avtodel magazine specially conducted an experiment for its readers in order to find out which of the thin circles is worth buying: expensive or cheap. The price scatter amounted to 18-60 rubles. Tests were carried out on the machines of the Luga Abrasive Plant. It turned out that the most expensive of them showed the surprisingly low quality of the cut, while the details of the cheaper showed an excellent result. Hilti, Orientcraft Professional and Rhodius remained behind the lagging. The leadership positions were occupied by the bison expert, Hitachi Power Tools, Luga Abrasiv Extra. Well, apparently someone spends money only on PR products.

Other tests were also carried out that explore the breakdown resistance and strength of the disks. The first place in terms of price/quality was taken by the manufacturer Luga. Hitachi rushed after him. However, the cutting coefficient changed them in the next nomination of the same name. Russland Professional also showed good results, justifying itself as a cut quality. All these samples did not differ in high cost, which speaks only about how buyers are deceived by supposedly responsible manufacturers of more expensive products. Save and take care of health!

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