Why do men do not get divorced before changing

Women think differently than men. They believe that if their husband went to treason means, something does not suit him in marriage. And if he is not satisfied with the marriage, then why does he not file for divorce. The woman does not understand why, before changing the man, he does not divorce with her. However, in men in such a situation, the situation is much more complicated.

Why not get divorced

If a man changes, this does not always mean that he wants a divorce. He can even continue to love his wife and does not want to leave her at all. Perhaps he just needs to satisfy his certain needs, which for one reason or another he cannot satisfy in marriage.

Why do men do not get divorced before changing

The man does not get divorced before changing due to the fact that he is simply afraid to sort things out with his wife. He is afraid of his wife’s reaction at the moment when he raises an important question for him. The fact is that a man can just be easier to leave everything as it is now.

A man can also hope that the situation will work out on his own. With the help of treason, he satisfies his needs. However, at the same time, knowing that now his marriage is going through the best of times, he thinks that everything will work out soon. He believes that you should not chop off your shoulder and end marriage due to temporary difficulties.

How to react to a woman to this

Psychologists say that in such a situation there are several options for a woman’s reaction.

A woman is afraid. She is afraid that if she tells her husband that she knows everything he will leave her. A woman, as a rule, closes in herself and cries into a pillow at night. And the man continues to change. A woman literally breaks between a fear of being alone and a desire to avenge and humiliation.

A woman has a strong desire to urgently divorce. She is simply not able to forgive her husband’s betrayal and she will not be silent. Also, such women often arrange surveillance of their husband and arrange a real interrogation to him to understand how he had reached this. And everything ends, as a rule, a real scandal with the collection of things.

Why do men do not get divorced before changing

Which of these reactions is correctly impossible to answer. Of course, the most right decision would first talk to her husband. Of course it hurts you because your loved one betrayed you. However, do not forget that the incident has a part and your guilt. Divorce is not the only way out of the situation. You can contact a specialist who will try to help you.

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