Why it is impossible to demolish old housing in Ukraine

In our country, for several years, conversations have been held regarding the need to demolish all dilapidated housing and the resettlement of local residents in new real estate objects. Most often, the problems of this issue arise in the metropolitan region. That’s just, as in many other issues, in this further conversations, the case did not come in the end. Experts agree that as the main problem that does not allow the demolition of the old housing stock and carry out complete resettlement, is not insufficient financing of the entire industry. An important role in this matter is also played by the unwillingness of the local population to leave their own housing. In accordance with applicable law, for the full demolition of a residential building, it is necessary to get 100 percent consent from the residents of this house.

An alternative to obtaining the appropriate permission may be a decision issued for demolition if the property is recognized by the dilapidated, but at the same time there should certainly be an appropriate justification from the State Research Institute for Construction Structures, or any other organization that has an appropriate license.

On the other hand, everything can be restored or restored. It can be the restoration of interior doors and the restoration of facades. Of course, the online store Vashidveri will help with the doors, and someone else will be engaged in the facade.

For such a resettlement, the Ukrainian authorities have already invited relevant specialists from Moscow, in this country, the practice of resettlement of the inhabitants of old houses is actively underway in this country, in particular, we are talking about Khrushchevs. The Ukrainian authorities plan to resettle from old housing in accordance with the wave principle – the basic facility of housing in the form of a new house is being built, and residents of Khrushchev resesses in it. The total area of ​​the apartment will be increased, due to more spacious bathrooms, long corridors, and kitchen premises. On the site of 5 stores, they plan to build houses of whose height will exceed 10 floors, we are talking about 12 and 14-storey facilities.

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