Why not discuss your man with friends

As well -known, women love to talk very much. And, of course, she shall share with her friends all news and secrets. And so she finally meets the man of her dreams. And, of course, cannot resist the story of this girlfriends.

After which it already becomes a habit. And friends already know almost all the details and problems of your relationship. But how differently? After all, friends will always be able to support and understand. Will help look at the situation from the outside and give advice. It happens that over time, a woman begins to understand that relations with a man and all problems in these relationships concern only two of you and it is better not to tell all friends. However, not everyone understands this and continue to discuss all the problems of relations with friends.

Why not discuss your man with friends

There are several reasons why discuss these issues with friends is not recommended.

Talking to friends about problems in relations with your man, you provoke gossip about yourself. After all, your friends are also women and it is also difficult for them to be silent. Therefore, they will probably want to tell someone about how hard it is with such a man and how bad he is. Of course, your friends will not go to talk about this to the first counting. However, they are unlikely to miss the opportunity to tell about this to common acquaintances. And so, after a while you yourself will already forget what you said, anger will pass, the problem is to be solved, but gossip will walk so. They can reach your man, and then his trust will be lost.

Remember that when you tell your girlfriend something bad about your man, that he, in your opinion, did badly, you are thereby setting her against him. That is, she is already starting to form a not very good opinion about him. And one day she can say something roughly or completely express everything, because she is offended for you and now the conflict will happen. Two of your loved ones became enemies. Just imagine how hard it is for you, you will literally burst between them. And to reconcile them to spend a lot of strength.

Why not discuss your man with friends

Men are polygamous by nature. And even the closest girlfriend can give. Just think about how many stories about how a man went to a girlfriend. You can, of course, share with her, talk about your relationship. However, no details are needed. Do not say that he loves and what your man is not, especially in bed. No need to take out the quarrels from the hut. Of course, you need to trust both your girlfriend and your man. But do not lose vigilance.

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